6048: Motor holding brake movement monitor: Position error too large

Data type:

Runtime error during the movement monitoring of the holding brake. The actual position of the motor encoder has exceeded the position error limit BRAKE_TEST_POS_LIM while the holding brake was closed (BRAKE_STATUS Bit2 = 0). The holding brake wear out more quickly.

If the functional test of the holding brake torque is active: Test is aborted.
Otherwise: None.

Error in the configuration of the holding brake (Delay time for closing the holding brake too small).
Error in the configuration of the motor encoder.
Position error limit too small (Clearance and elastic deformation between holding brake and motor encoder must be considered).
Load torque too large.
No position controlled movement halt.
Holding brake defective.
Error in state "holding brake mechanical closed". (Signal level monitoring of the holding brake defective. See error number 6029.)

Additionally during functional test of the holding brake torque:
Test torque or holding brake rated torque too large.
Load torque determination incorrect (Current measuring system, motor configuration, rotor commutation or motor encoder measuring system).
Controller instable.

If the holding brake torque test is not active, then the stop monitoring can be deactivated by setting BRAKE_MODE Bit3 = 1.